BUILD’s Mission

BUILD’s mission is to use entrepreneurship to ignite the potential of youth from under-resourced communities and propel them to high school, college & career success.

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BUILD’s Vision

BUILD envisions an educational system in which all students, regardless of background, are engaged and prepared for their personal and professional success.

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BUILD’s Results

  • Incubated over 750 youth businesses in the US and 65 youth businesses in NYC
  • Since 2012, 96% of students completing the BUILD program graduate from high school on time, and 98% of those are accepted to at least one post-secondary opportunity

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BUILD’S Spark Skills

Through entrepreneurship, BUILD provides intentional instruction to develop 6 social and emotional skills that have been identified by research as essential for success in school and the workforce.

  1. Collaboration: To work in a team to achieve a common goal.
  2. Communication: To express and clarify ideas orally and in writing
  3. Grit: To demonstrate perseverance and passion for short and long term goals.
  4. Innovation: To think creatively and take positive risks to develop new ideas or improve on existing ideas.
  5. Problem Solving: To define and analyze problems; identify and execute solutions; and evaluate and improve based on experience.
  6. Self-Management: To act in their own best interest by regulating emotions and identifying their strengths, weaknesses and growth.



The magic of BUILD and what we are doing in New York City would not be possible without your support.  Here’s how you can help us with your time, talent and treasure.

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